Introducing Silversea Expedition Cruising

Vision Travel introduces you to the unknown and unexplored on a Silversea Expedition Cruise. Book by Jan 19, 2019


Sail aboard Silversea Expeditions to discover the ends of the earth and experience the rush of setting foot on the unknown and rarely explored.

If you are an adventure seeker, wildlife enthusiast, an off-the beaten path seeker or looking for a Trip of a Lifetime, then Silverseas Expedition Cruises is exactly what you are looking for.



Exploration Aboard and Ashore


Marine Exploration

A fleet of Zodiacs allows guests to explore even the most off-the-beaten locations. Or go deeper on a snorkeling, scuba diving or kayak expedition. Every nautical mile in these remote regions offers opportunities to uncover nature's secret wonders.


Land Adventures

Discover the ruins of the ancient castles, or hike through the natural wonders that surround you. More than mere sightseeing, these on-land expeditions offer remarkable insights. Each land exploration is in small groups of like-minded adventure travelers and is always accompanied by a specialist who is there to describe the nature formations and wildlife.



A picture is worth a thousand memories, and there's no better place to pick up pointers from the pros on how to point and shoot than a photo expedition cruises with Silversea


Local Cultures

Music, dance and warm smiles welcome guests to the remotes, rarely visited places we visit. Hospitality is such that special invitations with local people are often extended. It may be a funeral celebration, or a feast. Each expedition cruise destination contains a rich heritage of local communities, and the thrill of adventure is a cultural one too.



Terms & Conditions

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